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KASHKA’s Guide to Bridesmaid Jewellery

As a jewellery brand, we are always meeting brides looking for the perfect finishing touches to their wedding day, so we’ve put together our own guide to bridesmaid jewellery in the hope that we can help some of you out.

Father’s Day Celebration

They say that a father is a daughter’s first love and a son’s first hero. They’re not wrong.

Spotlight on: Boho Homes London

At BOHO Homes, their vision is to have a maximum impact on lives, while minimising the impact on the planet. They are a brand that curates the ethical choices for your home, so that you have the choice to decorate with products that bring joy to you and to the people who have made them. This is…

Spotlight on: 20 Seventh Letter

At our press event at the End of May, one of the brands who kindly supplied a promotional code to go into our goodie bags is a lovely brand called 20 Seventh Letter. We seriously want to fill our office up with aaaalll the cushions. We’d be silly not to.

Spotlight on: Tales of Thread

Tales of Thread is an ethical sleep and loungewear company that makes beautiful, high quality pieces that celebrate pan-African design, culture and artisanal work while challenging the fashion and garment industry to transform their social and environmental standards for good!

Spotlight on: Stationery Treasure

Stationery Treasure is a small West London start-up, established in 2017 by Divya Venkatesh, that sells luxury greeting cards which are inspired by nature and generosity of spirit. Each product at Stationery Treasure is a gift made with love, and promotes the beauty and joy of sharing green and fair products that feel good to buy, send and receive.