About us

KASHKA – an independent, ethical jewellery brand
What is our mission?
Mission impossible?

Our mission is to question and change injustice in the jewellery industry.

Mission impossible? Bring it on!

How are you making a difference?

We explore traceability and transparency practices within the industry, combine it with symbolism and add a mix of creativity and flair to bring you KASHKA.

Traceability + transparency + symbolism + creativity =  KASHKA.

KASHKA is run sustainably. Here are some of the things we incorporate:

  • Fair working practices;
  • Fair play;
  • No child labour;
  • Manufactured in the UK to support the local economy.

We incorporate socially responsible practices in every part of our supply chain: from using Fairmined and recycled silver and gold in our partner workshop, to employing environmentally friendly ways of disposing of post-production waste.

Though there are no certified Fairtrade coloured gemstones and pearls yet, we ensure sourcing a range of coloured stones which have been sourced from suppliers who work on fairy traded principles and who do all they can to ensure their stones are from ethical sources.

Oh, and we never rest our laurels; we’re always striving to make KASHKA even more socially conscious and earth-friendly.

From packaging to printing, to crafting to creating, sustainability is the heart of our business.

KASHKA provides every day, yet chic, jewellery for a modern woman.

And we think about you too

Maybe you’re a busy woman who doesn’t have time to fiddle with complex fastenings- you want to go for a run, a swim, fit in the school run and achieve the work look- you’re short on time, but you want to look great. We’ve got your back.

Or perhaps you’re looking for quality and affordable piece of jewellery that ticks the boxes for the integrity you value.

We’ve done all the hard work for you; all you have to do is to choose with confidence, knowing your conscience can take a break.


Why we care

All of us have spending power. Whenever we buy something, we vote with our money. We choose not to support injustice, child labour or mining practices that cause devastation to the environment.

We choose slow fashion- we don’t want to be the fast fashion treadmill where our quick fixes have a negative impact somewhere down the line.

You have questions. Lots of them. But you don’t have time to research the answers: Where do materials come from? Who is making my jewellery? What is the impact of my choice? Is it a minefield. It’s ok, we understand. By spending years researching, learning and collaborating, KASHKA has discovered the answers to your burning questions and delivered solution:

Elegant, stylish jewellery that is ethical and beautiful without damaging the planet or causing injustice to the people living on it.

Who is behind KASHKA brand?

Read our story to find more about Naqiyah, the founder of KASHKA.