All KASHKA items, from small earrings to rattles for babies, are made exclusively from Fairmined silver.

Our beautiful collection, primarily sold in London, through supporting the Fairmined initiative, is benefitting mining communities around the world.

It is this simple fact which inspired the start of the KASHKA, and has become an integral part of our brand identity.

Fairminded-Silver-510How does Fairmined work?

It is estimated that around 100 million people are dependent on mining as an economic activity worldwide. These people are often the poorest and least economically secure; they work in unsafe conditions for low wages, and often use child labour. Small-scale and artisanal mining is often associated with informality and illegality. As a result it contributes to gender inequality, conflicts, and has a significantly negative impact on the environment.

However, it is possible to turn this around. With the right support, small mining community organisations could better care for the millions of people dependent on this industry, and cause a ripple affect which creates a wider positive social and environmental impact.

Since it was founded in 2004, the Alliance for Responsible Mining has worked tirelessly to make Artisanal and Small-scale Mining become a formalised, organised and profitable activity that uses efficient technologies, which are also socially and environmentally responsible. In order to do this, they work with the entire supply chain, right down to the very people that are working in the mines.

The Fairmined Standard is a Standard for gold, including associated precious metals (silver and platinum) and is the ultimate assurance that the route from source to market has been responsible, and that the miners themselves are part of an initiative, which empowers them by helping protect and uphold their rights.

Among the many benefits and requirements of Fairmined, the primary focus is on four key areas:

  • The organisational development of the miners’ operation.
  • Better working conditions for miners and workers.
  • The social development of the organisation and its community.
  • Environmental protection.

As an incentive to implement these changes, miners receive a fair price and an additional premium for their certified metals. Essentially, Fairmined makes responsible, artisanal mining possible.

KASHKA’s use of exclusively Fairmined silver is therefore displaying our commitment to these enormous benefits, and the rights of millions of people in the mining industry around the world. KASHKA aims to help generate awareness that buying responsibly, even when buying silver jewellery, is important. Beautiful and ethical can be combined.


Quotes – Miners from Fairmined Certified Organisations

 “By buying Fairmined gold you help us to improve our methods, protect the environment and improve our performance in social responsibility.

When I began working in an artisanal and small-scale mining company in southern Peru, I discovered the power and importance of gold, not as a luxury product, but for what it means for thousands of men and women who in gold have found an opportunity to escape poverty, to have a job and to be able to provide a dignified life for their families.

Fairmined helps us to invest in better processes which benefits the miners, their families, the whole community. Fairmined helps us to improve the management of the organization, to overcome environmental and labor issues and strengthens us to fulfill state obligations to produce gold of higher quality.”

Rosa Reyes, Managing Director at AURELSA, Fairmined certified mining community in Peru

“Thanks to the success of our mining operations, we can ensure professional education of our children and achieve economic stability for our family. Fairmined Certification was a challenge to overcome to show others that with hard work and dedication we can achieve goals that generate recognition of our work in artisanal mining.“

Paul Guerrero, owner of one of the five certified micro enterprises in La Llanada, Colombia

“Thanks to the work I have done in mining, me and my family have a good home and food on the table every day. My expectations to the certification are to improve our mining activities and the place we live. With the premium, we now have more possibilities to support the community and open a health center.”

Alexander Nina, President of 15 de Agosto, Bolivia.